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  • Todoist – another old friend

    Todoist – another old friend

    It’s been even longer (compared to Notion) since I created an account with Todoist. By reading David Allen’s book „Getting things done“ I was looking for a tool that supports this method and makes it as easy as possible for me to capture, edit and do the „loose ends“. Notion itself also offers the ability…

  • Notion – an old friend drops by

    Notion – an old friend drops by

    Some years ago I got a hint from a colleague about Notion. I had a look at it but at that time I didn’t see any use for me. That changed some weeks ago – very quickly – and I don’t even remember the reason I was faced again with that great tool. As with…

  • Willkommen – Welcome!

    Willkommen – Welcome!

    ❤️ Gib, was du hast. Es mag für jemand anderen mehr sein, als du vermutet hast. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Nach diesem Motto möchte ich auf meiner Website über meine Erfahrungen, Erlebnisse, Kuriositäten und alltägliches aus meiner Sicht berichten. Ich werde auf dieser Seite die informale Ansprache verwenden, ohne damit den Respekt, den ein Mensch dem…